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Wireless & Mobile

Mobile & wireless solutions to help you grow your business

Mobile and wireless credit card processing allows you to move beyond the traditional brick and mortar store front of traditional credit card processing. It provides you with total freedom and to bring your business to grow your businesse’s service area.

Gift Cards & Speciality Cards

These programs are entirely designed to increase your customer traffic and encourage your current customers to visit more frequently and spend more money. Rewarding your customers as they spend simply entices them to spend more! Every customer loves knowing that they are appreciated.

The deadline for EMV acceptance is October 2015!

Call us today to become compliant! 1-800-455-4577.

Ask about getting your $100 rebate for EMV equipment through May 1st!

Discover what merchant services could be doing for you

Merchant Services is about more than credit card payment processing. It's more than outfitting you with customized point of service technology. It's more than answering customer needs as quickly as possible, and removing every hidden fee from the cost of doing business. 

At National Payment Corporation, we believe that merchant services is about building a partnership based on synergy and trust. We work with you to grow your business, offering you expert payment processing assistance, while helping to lay the foundations for future financial success.

As committed to your business as we are to ours

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, National Payment Corporation is home to one of the most experienced merchant services support teams in the Midwest. With decades of experience providing Ohio and Michigan businesses with expert customer support, National Payment Corporation is redefining what a merchant service partner can mean for your business every day

What makes NPC different

Things like our No Hidden Fees policy, our extensive knowledge of credit processing regulations, our insistence on implementing change, and our desire to know your company as well as we know ours. National Payment Corporation rapidly grew from our Midwest base in Toledo, and now partners with customers and business across United States.

Find out why 84% of our current customers have switched to us from other credit card processors and merchant service providers.

National Payment Corporation offers a merchant service solution for nearly every business. Some of our business and sales enhancements include:

  • Ability to accept and process nearly every type of credit and debit cards
  • Eliminate clutter with electronic and wireless sales systems
  • Process checks and credit cards without liability
  • Improve store efficiency through point of sales systems
  • Increase store traffic and return customers with Gift and Loyalty card programs
  • Simplify business with digital POS and inventory tracking
  • Improve security and compliance with Platinum Security Protection Program
  • Update your business capabilities with PayPass, PayPal, EMV acceptance and more

If you're still unsure about how your business can benefit from National Payment Corporation's merchant services, contact us today. Let our expert team of merchant service providers walk you through how your business can work more efficiently with fewer costs.

You wouldn't consider doing business with a partner who wasn't 100% invested in growing your company and helping you move forward. So why are you willing to accept less from your merchant services provider? Find out what National Payment Corporation merchant services and credit card processing could be doing for your business today




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National Payment Corporation is registered ISO of 5/3 Bank.

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