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Wireless & Mobile

Mobile & wireless solutions to help you grow your business

Mobile and wireless credit card processing allows you to move beyond the traditional brick and mortar store front of traditional credit card processing. It provides you with total freedom and to bring your business to grow your businesse’s service area.

Gift Cards & Speciality Cards

These programs are entirely designed to increase your customer traffic and encourage your current customers to visit more frequently and spend more money. Rewarding your customers as they spend simply entices them to spend more! Every customer loves knowing that they are appreciated.

The deadline for EMV acceptance is October 2015!

Call us today to become compliant! 1-800-455-4577.

Ask about getting your $100 rebate for EMV equipment through May 1st!

They are awesome! Faster processing and
better service then our previous vendor.

Welcome to National Payment Corporation, where Merchant Services is more than just credit card processing! Enjoy the finest merchant services support team in the industry. We understand that there are many credit card processing companies out there today, but it is the little things that set National Payment Corporation apart from the rest. Things like our No Hidden Fees policy, the fact that we always answer our phone during business hours (want to test us? 800-455-4577!), and our extensive knowledge of this industry and attention to yours. Call National Payment Corporation today for an informative discussion on what we can do for you! Are you searching for a more cost effective and efficient answer to your credit card processing needs? Call National Payment Corporation today and learn why 84% of our current customers have switched to us from other credit card processors! 

National Payment Corporation offers a complete processing solution for every business. We can help you set up to accept credit cards, process checks without liability, increase store traffic with a Gift and Loyalty card program, and even get you the cash you need for your business. Unsure what your business might need? We understand, call us today and let the specialists at National Payment Corporation help you get started! 

National Payment Corporation is proud to announce the release of PayPass, the innovative Tap-N-Go system! This system will allow your customers to pay you without having to hand you their card to swipe through your terminal! PayPass Tap-N-Go provides a faster checkout at the register because your customers won’t have to wait in line so long. All the customer needs to do is 'wave' or 'tap' their card in front of the PayPass reader! The data is transmitted to National Payment Corporation and an authorization is made immediately! PayPass Tap-N-Go is fast becoming the mainstream form of payment. Give us a call to see if your current equipment supports PayPass! Click here to watch commercials demonstrating PayPass.

National Payment Corporation is leading the merchant industry in PCI Compliance. Our corporate office, National Processing Company is proud to introduce the National Payment Corporation Platinum Security Protection Program to all of our clients. This program not only ensures that you are compliant in your processing and storing habits, but includes $50,000 worth of data theft indemnification upon completion of our Self-Assessment Questionnaire. National Payment Corporation has put together a comprehensive guide to PCI processing standards. Visit our Merchant Account section to read more!




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National Payment Corporation is registered ISO of 5/3 Bank.

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