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Gift Cards
National Payment Corporation Card is a gift/loyalty card that replaces paper gift certificates and looks, feels, and acts just like a major credit card. Each card is cashier activated with a unique, electronically encoded account number stored on a magnetic stripe. Each time the cardholder makes a purchase, visits are tracked and the amount spent is deducted...

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Cash Advance
Unexpectedly need some cash for your business? Time to launch a new product but you don't have the funds to support it? Does your store need renovations or maybe you are ready to take your business to the next level? National Payment Corporation has the answer. We can get you the cash you need, NOW! The money can be paid back over time using your credit card transactions..

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Specialty Cards
National Payment Corporation is able to help businesses to set up to accept all types of payment from their customers. It is our distinct goal to ensure you maximum success by enabling your customers to pay you in any way they want. With a National Payment Corporation merchant account, we can help you set up to accept the following forms of payment!

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EZ Approval Process
With National Payment Corporation, you do not need to cough up every business document you have to get approved to accept credit cards. We won’t force you to take pictures of your inventory either! If you have a retail business, you will simply need so supply us with your business address, some basic personal information, and a voided business...

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