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National Payment Corporation Gift and Loyalty Card

National Payment Corporation Card is a gift/loyalty card that replaces paper gift certificates and looks, feels, and acts just like a major credit card. Each card is cashier activated with a unique, electronically encoded account number stored on a magnetic stripe. Each time the cardholder makes a purchase, visits are tracked and the amount spent is deducted.

National Payment Corporation Gift Cards - A stored value program. This card replaces paper gift certificates. First, the customer pays the Merchant, who then loads the collected value onto a gift card through an approved Valuetec™ terminal. The funds represented on the card stay in the Merchant's account. The cardholder can redeem the value on the card for goods and services at participating Merchant locations. The amount of the sale is deducted from the card and the balance remaining prints on the receipt. Cards can be reloaded at any time.

National Payment Corporation Loyalty Cards - A point based program that allows Merchants to reward loyal customers! Customers accumulate points based on rules set by the Merchant, may it be a point for every cup of coffee purchased, a point per pound of cheese or something else. These points can then later be redeemed by the Customer for tangible rewards, again based on what rules the Merchant has established. This program provides merchants with the flexibility to tailor a Customer rewards program with the only limit being their creativity!

Let your customers know you appreciate their business through the Loyalty Program! Get new customers into your store with the Gift Card Program!

These programs are entirely designed to increase your customer traffic and encourage your current customers to visit more frequently and spend more money. Rewarding your customers as they spend simply entices them to spend more! Every customer loves knowing that they are appreciated. Give a National Payment Corporation representative a call today to find out how easy Gift Cards are and how exciting they will be for your customers!


• Builds customer loyalty.
• Increases store traffic.
• Eliminates costly backroom accounting.
• Standardized reports give all details and totals.
• Customizable features for reporting and operating.
• Card is activated at point of sale.
• Cards can be loaded (POS) for any value.
• All merchant reporting is available over a secure internet connection.
• Host servers validate authorized transactions and capture data.
• POS Printer produces a transaction receipt.
• Merchant obtains daily totals via POS system.
• 24/7 merchant help desk support.

Perfect For:

General Retail
Carry Out, Gas Stations
Discount Outlets
Department Stores
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Grocery Stores
Day Care
Cinemas and Theaters
Building Materials
Auto Repair
Medical Office or Clinic


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