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Authorize.Net Making Money 24 Hours Each Day!

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway will enable you to accept credit cards and electronic check payments quickly and affordably through your website. More than 230,000 web based businesses are currently using this Authorize.Net program! All you need to set up an Authorize.Net Gateway is a shopping cart and a Merchant Account. National Payment Corporation can help you with both, if needed.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway never rests. Your website is live 24 hours a day, and you can accept credit cards every hour as well! Even while you are sleeping, you will be making money. Each morning, simply check your email for sales and fulfill orders. Authorize.Net has already made sure that your money is on its way to your bank account!

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is a complete PCI compliant Gateway solution designed to provide real time credit card authorizations. It is the perfect choice for a merchant looking to set their website up to process credit cards. Please contact a National Payment Corporation specialist with any questions or to order yours today!

Click Here for a demonstration on how Authorize.Net works.


• User friendly, Authorize.Net is a very easy processing solution to learn and use.
• Credit cards can be processed from any internet connection!
• Reports, sales history, and transactions can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
• Payment Gateway includes the Virtual Terminal application for manual transactions.

Perfect For:
General Retail
Carry Out, Gas Stations
Discount Outlets
Department Stores
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Grocery Stores
Day Care
Cinemas and Theaters
Building Materials
Auto Repair
Medical Office or Clinic
Government Office


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