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Credit Card Software
The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway will enable you to accept credit cards and electronic check payments quickly and affordably through your web site. More than 230,000 web based businesses are currently using this Authorize.Net program! All you need to set up an Authorize.Net Gateway is a shopping cart and a Merchant Account.

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Recurring Billing
National Payment Corporation's Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) is a convenient and easy-to-use program for submitting and managing recurring or subscription-based transactions. The recurring transactions will be initiated automatically. With Automated Recurring Billing, you will no longer have to invoice customers each month. Simply enter each client into the database...

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Arc Lockbox
National Payment Corporation's ARC Lockbox is a software application that will electronically process paper checks that are received through the mail or drop box using a RDM Imager or MagTek check reader. This program will allow you to easily process around 50 checks per hour! ARC Lockbox will reduce handling of paper check costs by eliminating unnecessary trips...

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Virtual Terminal
The Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal will enable you to accept credit cards quickly and affordably on your PC. Setting up your new Authorize.Net Virtual terminal is very easy. Simply download the software and integrate your merchant account. National Payment Corporation can help you with the programming, just call one of our experienced representatives...

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Online Web Access
NPC proudly offers every client the ability to enroll in our ‘MyMerchantData.com’ web portal for a centralized, online source of merchant status and transaction information. This portal allows merchants to view daily and monthly merchant transaction summaries as well as end of month statements. Merchants will also be able to export data into excel for...

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