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ViVOpay 4500M The Future of Accepting Customer's Payments

The ViVOpay 4500M contactless payment device provides merchants with the ability to accept many forms of payments from customers without their cards leaving their hand. Customers can tap their contactless cards, key fobs, and NFC mobile phones or swipe their magnetic-stripe cards on the ViVOpay 4500M. (see below for complete list of accepted payment types)

The ViVOpay 4500M brings convenience and security to you business. Your customers will enjoy a faster check out as they tap their contactless card or swipe their credit cards through. They will also feel more secure about the transaction because their card has not left their hand. Bring the feel of the National Chain stores to your business with a Contactless Reader today!

The ViVOpay 4500M contactless payment device accepts a variety of payment types. It will support MasterCard PayPass™, Visa Wave, American ExpressSM’s ExpressPay, Visa® contactless, Discover®, and all credit cards with a magnetic stripe. Give us a call to see if your credit card machine can support the ViVOpay 4500M!

The ViVOpay 4500M contactless device is a complete PCI/PED compliant countertop solution designed to provide years of trouble free payment processing. It is the perfect choice for a merchant looking to take part in the new technology that the consumers have demanded. Please contact a NPC specialist with any questions or to order yours today!

Click Here to enjoy a few commercials by Visa and MasterCard showing how PayPass works.

• User friendly, customer simply ‘waves’ or ‘taps’ their card in front of the ViVOpay 4500.
• Customer can swipe their card through the terminal as well!
• Customer security, their payment card never leaves their hand!
• Faster check-out lines. Simply, ‘wave’ or ‘tap’ and go!
• Supports additional technologies like key fobs, smart mobile phones, infrared devices, or RF enabled payment cards.
• ViVOpay 4500 uses both RFID and Near Field Communications (NFC) for card recognition and authorization.

Perfect For:
General Retail
Carry Out, Gas Stations
Discount Outlets
Department Stores
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Grocery Stores
Day Care
Cinemas and Theaters
Building Materials
Auto Repair
Medical Office or Clinic
Government Office


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