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Your customers expect a fun and relaxing shopping experience. Long lines, slow service and trouble at the register can all lead to a very unfulfilling shopping day and a customer who won’t return or refer a friend. Don’t look for your merchant services anywhere – come to National Payment Corporation for solutions that match your needs...

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Keeping your business cooking is no small order and in today’s world, if you can’t offer diners multiple ways to pay their tabs, you can end up in hot water. With National Payment Corporation's program, you not only get to offer the latest and greatest to your patrons, you get the benefit of the best yourself. We give you a full menu of solutions that expand...

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Mail Order / Telephone Order
If you take orders by phone, fax, email, or mail you hardly have time to mess around with a lengthy payment process. NPNational Payment CorporationC has developed a number of programs designed to suit several business models accepting payments from somewhere other than over a counter. Programs from a simple P.O.S. terminal to key enter credit cards or...

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Fast, reliable, and high-performance are all great words to hear from your customers about their cars. And those are the same words we hear from National Payment Corporation customers about our merchant terminals and programs. At National Payment Corporation, we offer comprehensive solutions for the automotive industry and consistently strive to gain life-long...

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Online Store
Are you interested in keeping your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, while still being able to sleep? And at the same time, reach out to millions of customers? Of course this sounds like a great idea! Wondering if this is going to be expensive to equip your site with a merchant account? Or do you have concerns...

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Fast communication, fewer call-backs and no hassle sales are critical for your business. We understand that at National Payment Corporation and offer specific solutions for Contractors – to ensure you can do your work as efficiently and successfully as possible. In your line of work, there are already unexpected surprises! You don’t need any surprises...

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Tradeshow / Mobile
Many retailers, entrepreneurs, and merchants today conduct their business outside of the storefront. Like you, they go where the business is. They offer top notch salesmanship and customer support by offering the advantage of being mobile and finding their customers. These business owners understand the need for mobility...

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Government / Utility
NPC has taken time to recognize the unique nature of your industry type, be it Government work, a Utility company, Non for Profit, or a Bank. We have developed special programs for each industry ranging from discounted processing solutions and special rate plans. Depending on your SIC Code, National Payment Corporation may be able to allow you to pass on the processing charge...

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Professional / Health
Businesses servicing the private community and other business often have complex payment processing needs and issues with collecting on overdue bills. The whole process can be a slow and tedious procedure. For these reasons, National Payment Corporation has designed a program that will process credit cards and checks in a seamless...

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