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Free. That word gets thrown around an awful lot these days. Is anything really ‘free?’ Have you ever come across that truly no strings attached free deal? Or after looking closer did you notice that you did have to pay something? Someone always has to pay. With the ‘free terminal’ deal, you will have to pay. You will pay in a number of ways. These normally begin with exorbitant fees ranging from monthly minimums to annual fees and a charge upon return of the equipment. The ‘free terminal’ deal was created to get merchants, like you, to sign up for a merchant account. The Merchant Service provider realizes that by offering you a free terminal, you will be hasty to sign up for a long term contract. Once you have signed, you wind up paying more than the value of the terminal in credit card processing fees.

The bulk of the fees are listed here:
Monthly Minimums
Batch Fees
Annual Fees
Rates, maybe a low qualified rate, but a high mid and non qualified.
Term Contract, commitment
Cancellation Fees
Equipment Return Cost (did the terminal come back looking brand new? If not, you will be charged the amount the Merchant Provider deems the credit card machine has depreciated ) –Scary!

I think you have to ask yourself right now, could I give away my products for free and still make money? If you answered no, then really begin to wonder how any Merchant Service provider is able to do so.

For more information on the fees that you should be aware of, please visit our ‘No Hidden Fees Policy.’

Take the next step in getting the most cost effective, honest program by calling us at 1-800-455-4577 to discuss our rate plans.

It is our goal to continue to exceed your expectations as a merchant service provider…and that starts with the terminal and rate plan. We will follow this goal up with our extraordinary customer service.


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