National Payment Corporation specializes in Business to Business, or Level 3 transactions, that can help lower your processing rate significantly

No matter the size of your business, being able to accept credit card payments has become a necessity in today’s marketplace. Especially in the business to business world, where transactions are

The Higher Your Level, the Lower Your Fees

The majority of credit card transactions are processed at Level 1, or the most basic, and most expensive level of processing. Level 3 processing classifies your Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government transactions (B2G) by providing more information. This increased information helps secure the transactions, lower your interchange rates, and guarantying that you are being charged the lowest interchange rates for any qualified transactions.

The key to obtaining the best interchange rates is to include Level 3 Line item detail on the commercial, corporate, fleet, government, MasterCard business cards and purchase cards you accept from your clients.

Level 3 data card processing requires specialized payment solutions capable of capturing the Level 3 line Item requirements. Standard credit card terminals cannot support Level 3 Credit Card Processing.

Level 3 card processing requires sophisticated payment solutions capable of capturing the additional line item detail requirements. Standard credit card terminals will not support Level 3 line item detail. In addition, your credit card payment processor must be capable of handling and processing Level 3 Data. NPC is fully trained and certified to handle Level 3 data and charge processing for business to business clients.

National Payment Corporation payments supports an array of level 3 payment solutions. Whether you need to provide level 3 detail or simply looking to take advantage of the reduced level 3 interchange rates, we have you covered.

Qualifying for Level 3 Reduced Interchange Rates

Qualifying for level 3 interchange rates requires additional line item data be passed with the payment transaction. Several different pieces of information that are not part of normal credit card transactions must be included with the purchase. This information can only be collected and sent by a specialized Level 3 machine, and requires advanced set up by your merchant services provider.

Required information for Level 3 Credit Card Processing

  • Cash register and cash drawer
  • Merchant Name
  • Transaction Amount
  • Date
  • Tax Amount
  • Customer Code
  • Merchant Postal Code
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Merchant Minority Code
  • Merchant State Code
  • Item Descriptions
  • Item Quantities
  • Item Tax Rates
  • Ship from Postal Code
  • Freight Amount
  • Duty Amount
  • Destination Postal Code
  • Destination Country Code
  • If this sounds like a significant amount of additional information, you’re right. It’s important to remember than your standard credit card point of sales machines cannot process at Level 3. You require specialized equipment and merchant services expertise to take advantage of this savings opportunity. Team NPC and B2Billings has the technology and experience to get your company processing credit card purchases with Level 3 compliance immediately.

    Qualifying Cards

    Most Commercial, corporate, fleet, purchasing and MasterCard Business cards can all qualify for Level 3 reduced interchange rates.

    Non-Qualifying Cards

    Visa business cards do not qualify for Level 3, however including Level 2 information detail on a Visa Business card can reduce your transaction cost by up to half a percent.

    Large Ticket Processing

    Large Ticket Processing is another way to take advantage of reduced rates, this time based on the size of the transaction. Large ticket processing falls into the same category as Level 3 Processing, but is based on the size of the transaction, rather than the information included with the transaction.

    Minimum Transaction Amount Interchange % Interchange Fee
    Visa $7,250 1.35% $40.00/transaction
    Master Card $6,980 1.45% $35.00/transaction

    To put this into perspective, on a $10,000 sale you would see the following estimated savings, depending on the card used to pay:
    MasterCard: $70.00
    Visa: $65.00

    Utilizing the proper credit card processing and submitting the correct data will ensure you are receiving the lowest Interchange rates possible, even on your company’s biggest transactions. Those savings add up significantly, saving your business thousands of dollars annually without any additional work on your part.

    How can NPC help you save money with Level 3 Processing?

    In order to take advantage of Level 3 processing opportunities, you need an experienced Merchant Services provider who can provide the technology, account set and backend processing to get the most out of your Level 3 credit card processing system. National Payment Corporation works with hundreds of qualified Business to Business Level 3 clients across the country, and can help you take advantage of significant savings for your business.

    Team NPC and B2Billing has the experience, equipment and the understanding of the system to save you thousands of dollars on your credit card processing fees starting today. Stop leaving money on the table and contact National Payment Corporation today to find out how Level 3 credit card processing can help your business.

    Find out how Level 3 credit card processing can help your business become more profitable, contact National Payment Corporation today to get more information about Level 3 B2B credit card processing and to see if your business qualifies.

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